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Friday, January 8, 2010

Winning entry from Liz Minette

A Poem for A Possible Buddha


Sometimes I am
the dog walker
of the brindle boxer
named Nikolai,
whose heart shines
through his eyes.

So, I am mindful
of this animal,
as we cross
the busy street
into the park.

I gently rein
in the rope,
curl its slack
like one step,
one thought and
ask Nik to heel
which he does
with a sigh.

We look both ways
then enter the
winding footpath.

As I unravel the lead,
Nik leaps ahead and then
side to side - he wants
a million smells at once.

We are just two more,
dog and I, on this trail
shared with bicyclist,
jogger, other people
out with their pets -
what about the couple,
pierced noses and lips,
with the albino ferret
on a leash?

There will be others
to follow, all of us,
that are right now
headed for home,
or on our way
to someplace else.