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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Winning entry from Terry L. Johnson


 What is hidden shall become manifest--

      but not yet.

 You are in that pregnant pause before pain

      and the utter, naked vulnerability of birth,

 When the body will riot

      and conjoined souls divide

           to create a new strand
 in the web of life.

 It takes courage--

      no one, after all, gives birth with their pants

           or is unchanged by the

 So peace to you, Laurel

      as you change the history

           of the world around

 And peace to Nate as well.

 The new is ending the old

      and birthing a new way of being,

           of loving,

 of living.

 It won't be long and it will begin--

      but patience.

 Today will lead you to tomorrow soon enough.

 For now, breathe deep and long,

      calm all fears,

           release control.

 It's all part of the journey.

Terry L. Johnson